Work in Progress, 2023 Edition

New historical romance novel and novella (M/M and F/F)
25 May 2023


I have some plans for 2023 to share.

semi-obscured book cover of The Oak and the Ash

The Oak and the Ash is slated for release in late summer 2023. It's a historical M/M romance, part of the same loosely connected series as Beck and Call and Sixpenny Octavo.

George Evans, a surgeon, is called to the scene of a midnight duel between an earl and his cousin. Despite the strained atmosphere in the house, George finds he must stay and tend to the injured duellists. Fortunately, the following week's stay is made more than bearable by the earl's quietly competent and oddly attractive valet, Noah Moorecott...

semi-obscured book cover of Harvest Season

Also coming soon is Harvest Season, a shortish F/F novella set in 1790s Gloucestershire.

Lowri has spent the past month bringing in the harvest and daydreaming about her one-night stand with Eliza, barmaid at the Blue Boar. When the two women meet again, the spark between them is as strong as ever, but they cannot immediately act upon it: they must race against time to warn a group of weavers who face arrest for organising a strike.

This novella is in fact also part of the Old Bridge Inn universe, but the connection won't become apparent until the 2024 release of another F/F romance novel in the series.